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Other Forage


Its crop :
Temporary culture of fast growing plants, it helps to protect the plots between two sale cultures, maximizing the profitability of surfaces.

It produces a significant biomass and provides a good ground cover, acting as a nitrates-trap remaining after previous sales culture. One of the least expensive way to achieve the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regarding the obligation of vegetation fields during winter.

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Another important interest: the fight against weeds. Its rapid establishment as “green manure” prevents development of weeds and limit the use of herbicides.
It plays a role in maintaining the biodiversity: Allows the soil to get well aerated through its root system. This unpacking improves microbial life of soil fauna. Growing oats surfaces also allows the bees to use the pollen produced by these plants as a nutrient.

Forage quality and nutritional value:

Feed mainly used in feeding horses: palatable, providing cellulose digestibility and transit regulator, oats contain a large amount of beta-glucan valuable nutrients : dietary fiber, protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It can be grown in a mixture with a legume, which improves its protein content.


Race horses, Sport horses, Broodmares and Foals
Cattle, Sheep, Goats
Camel and dromedary