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Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa farming is the archetype of the “ecological pause” promoted by the Grenelle Environmental Forum for its ability to improve the soil (large and deep root mass, making it resistant to drought) and its contribution to organic matter.

Foin pour poulinières et poulains
Foin pour bovins
Foin pour ovins
Foin pour caprins
Fourrage pour l'aviculture
Forage for camels

It is a leguminous plant with the ability to bind atmospheric nitrogen in its organic form, preventing it from reaching the water table. Its cultivation reduces synthetic nitrogen levels by three.
Alfalfa is renowned for its high protein content which is optimally suited to promote muscle mass in beef cattle or to increase the production of dairy cows. It is also rich in carotene and minerals.

Quality control:

The conditions for establishing alfalfa cultivation are contracted for 4 years between farmers and DOULIERE HAY FRANCE. The seeds used are selected and guaranteed non-GMO and are well-suited to regional climatic conditions (seed dormancy of 5 to 7). The harvests are managed by specialized companies with high-performance equipment to avoid sugar degradation (up to 16% when drying is slow) and the loss of protein-rich leaves, up to 20% for alfalfa.

Moisture readings are taken at each step, from production to storage. Batches that don’t meet quality standards are listed and downgraded. A sample is taken on each batch and analyzed by a certified laboratory. This information guarantees the precision of your rations.

The two main products made from Alfalfa:

Alfalfa Hay
High-quality forage from the most meticulous producers, its value is found in its leaves which are very sensitive to high temperatures and excessive humidity.

Dehydrated alfalfa

Contains calcium, easily assimilated phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and a variety of trace elements. Plays a role in regulating rumen function and as a buffer substance. Many benefits for conserving and preserving the nutritional qualities of the fresh plant, and for consumption.

Nutritional properties:

16 to 25 % protein. 0,75 FU.

Alfalfa Hay
MS (g/kg raw product)
830 to 870
25 to 30 %
10 and 12 g/kg
Food energyUFC0,62 to 0,70 g/kg of MS
Nitrogen valueMDC110 to 146 g/kg of MS

Hay suitable for: