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Hay wholesaler

Our profession is a true form of expertise

To meet your specific needs, DOULIERE HAY FRANCE offers you a very wide range of exclusive services

knowledge and Expertise

• Meadow environment and flora studies.
• Technical assistance for harvesting.
• Sensory evaluation of the forage and hydrometric monitoring at each stage through to packaging.
• Monitoring of storage conditions.
• Forage analysis for each area.
• Final product selection prior to export.
• Selection of the “best hays”.
• Removal from the field and transport to our storage facilities.
• Volumes made available throughout the year.
• Added product value through promotional activities, events, trade shows, and fairs.
•Creation of true partnerships that strengthen solidarity in the face of climate-related crises
•Facilitation and coordination of exchanges with retail associations, their partners, and carriers .
• Transport and supply organization.

Our skills at your service

We are at your service to provide you with answers and solutions specifically tailored to your feed requirements

• A forage specialist at your service to offer you personalized advice on animal feed, hay varieties, but also agricultural harvesting equipment and techniques.
• A traditional and quality approach to food nutrition.
• The evaluation of your needs and your storage.
Order your forage by phone or email, you will receive it as soon as possible or according to a schedule defined together.
• Transmission of a purchase order with the feed purchase agreement, approximate quantity, and delivery date.
• Order confirmation by purchase order signature with approval for payment.
• Delivery by truck of 10 to 25 metric tons.
• Deliveries carried out with a delivery receipt detailing the weight and origins of the feed.
• Invoicing upon delivery
Guarantee and buyback of feed in case of dissatisfaction(liability insurance).
• Subsequent inventory management provided in cooperation with the person responsible for the animals’ nutrition

Dedicated customer service. Support to implement everything in order to be worthy of the trust that you would grant us.

A tailored support service

A specialist at your disposal to guide you
in food distribution and if necessary make
a phone diagnosis.