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Bioconstruction : compressed blocks of straw

bioconstruction.jpg Our blocks of compressed straw offer the ideal material for filling in wooden frames to create walls, partitions, roofs, and floors. These compressed straw bricks provide excellent insulation:
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent acoustic insulation

This bioconstruction material is breathable: it absorbs humidity when the weather is damp and releases it when the weather is dry.

The production of compressed straw blocks for bioconstruction is customized according to demand.
The press can be adjusted to produce bales that are 30 cm thick, 50cm long, and 40 cm high. This format reduces the thickness of a wall by 16 cm when compared to the currently used standard bales. In addition, filming and palletizing optimize the distribution of the product by making it more accessible to building material distribution networks. Packaging:
On pallets of 24 to 48 bales, in 25t trucks or 40″, 25t containers.