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Whether you work in breeding, dressage, training or you are a passionate individual, we are committed to guaranteeing you a supply of fodder in terms of quantity, safety and quality, at the best price.
‘’Our hay selections satisfy many breeders with whom we have been working for several years. Like them, rediscover the pleasure and quality of these forages and bring excellence to the heart of your farms’’
The range of our forages offers a wealth of nutritional flavor which is the strength of our local national productions. We carry out regular checks for each of our suppliers of their performance in terms of quality, safety and know-how. In order to be able to offer a hay for sale that can be marketed and that meets the expectations of consumers.

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Hay for sale or hay for trade?

An important distinction must be made between hay for sale and hay for commerce. Hay for sale is often unanticipated surplus that is not used as feed for livestock. In this case, the producer puts on the market his surplus hay made because of more abundant harvests or by a reduction in his herd. Too often this hay is of lower quality because the cut is not done at the appropriate stage, the species are not the desirable ones or simply because the field must be emptied regardless of the result. As for commercial hay, it is a production planned with a view to trading it. As with any other commercial production, the producer plans in advance his production, the desired quantity and quality, as well as the marketing.