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The origins of Hay France Company

David DOULIERE, already known and recognized in the forage commercialization market with the company FOURRAGE DOULIERE, a showcase of excellence. Each year the biggest races in France and around the world are won by horses that are fed with hay supplied by the company to their trainers.

In the 90s, David convinced his clients, who had previously been using the medium-density format of 30 kg, to convert to the high density 160 kg format, reducing costs by allowing for mechanization. Thirteen years later, he calls everything back into question.

Poorly represented in France, the Straw and Fodder Federation was nearly non-existent. Hay was often associated with farming, only alfalfa for dehydration and Crau Hay were grown for the commercial sector. Large quantities of hay stagnated on the market. Only a “natural disaster, or climate disruption" could open up the market for hay, as it wasn’t meeting market demand.

In 2003, David DOULIERE began experimenting with calibrated American compressed bales, purchasing them to satisfy his clients at horse training centers in Paris. French hay stocks had been severely reduced due to drought during this time. He soon recognized that the packaging method ensured quality control during bale cutting, provided regular calibration, and compressed the product, optimizing transport and storage by 50%, making it the solution for the future of French quality fodder.

No longer believing in the future of hay as a simple commodity subject to market forces, and given the significant fuel and CO2 saving that could be quickly achieved, David wanted to provide added value to hay to meet consumer needs while preserving the identity of this niche product in France.

During the agricultural crisis, he made it his goal to find a sustainable solution for forage production by doing everything in his power to create the first automatic conditioning line for fodder in France. In order to ensure the project’s coherence, he also implemented a logistical supply chain to ensure production of a High Quality Hay for feed.

In 2013, his oldest customer, Jacques DUTERTRE, of DUTERTRE Enterprises, joined him on the project, already convinced it would be a success.


Our expertise

HAY FRANCE COMPANY is a partnership between TWO MEN who decided to combine their know-how to create a new activity as a continuation of their own business models: providing quality products year-round, satisfying customers through a dedicated service, and strengthening agricultural communities.

Since 1988, David DOULIERE and the Fourrage Doulière Company have been specializing in the trade of the best fodders available on the market – natural meadow hay, local French and foreign hays, Crau hay, alfalfa… Thanks to both his professional and commercial positioning, he is among the most prominent dealers on the French market. His knowledge of animal nutrition, both through his training and experience as a breeder have made him a true expert on feeding in racing and sport horses. He selects the best forage feed and ensures a steady supply both nationally and internationally throughout the year. Whether for the animal husbandry sector, trainers, or private individuals, he constantly works to improve quality and food safety. His selection of hays satisfy the needs of many breeders with whom he has been working for years, providing excellence to their farms.

The project rests on his expertise and rigor in monitoring and supporting production during each phase through to commercialization, while respecting farm requirements.

Jacques DUTERTRE directed "LES ETABLISSEMENTS DUTERTRE" for 20 years, specializing in the distribution of grains and agricultural products in the northwest of France, continuing the family business adventure of 3 generations. He developed the company in the same spirit: dynamism, financial solidity, responsiveness, and respect for human values. He was able to achieve this by knowing how to promote initiative in his teams and placing a high value on human capital; selecting and offering a wide range of quality products for animal feed, phytosanitary products, fertilizer and seeds that are both suited and complementary, combining both ecology and economy; but also by developing product expertise and tailored advice for his customers. The activity extends to the supply and harvest of products for the manufacturing of cereal-based foods derived from their selections of steelcut screened oats.

Over the course of several years, through his skills and network of knowledge in the harnessed trot sector, he quadrupled Ets Dutertre’s turnover before selling it in 2015 in order dedicate himself to Hay France Company. Passionate about race horses and riding, he still practices as an amateur harnessed trot driver and still holds a good record in the sport. In 1963, MARTINI II, his grandfather Victor DUTERTRE’s horse, won the International Trot, which took place at the Roosevelt Raceway in the United States.

All of these skills and experiences are at the service of his customers in order to provide them with answers and solutions adapted to their requirements.

Logic behind their collaboration

Together, they strive to ensure that the business of forage, and of animal feed products in general, contribute to strengthening food safety for everyone through a worldwide trading system that is both fair and market-oriented. They want to meet food needs in a way that stimulates recovery, improvement and development, while strengthening the capacity to meet future needs.

Today, their traditional and qualitative approach to nutrition, shared values and experience, have confidently led them to collaborate on this project: to build a more sustainable future for the production and consumption of forage.