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As with wine, each region transmits its character and typicity, which will give each hay a special flavor and aroma, in addition to its different mineral and nutritive values. These hay are selected in various terroirs of France to the reputation of fattening or milk production, with producers mastering the art of haymaking.

For example, for the hay of the Val de Sarthe, the banks of the Sarthe springs have never been plowed, because they are flooded in winter. This immersion brings each year silts that enrich the soil and give spring a rich herb. The elders parked their oxen there to finish their fattening without any other contribution.
The Val de Meuse hay grows in the plains bordering the Meuse where the famous waters of VITTEL come from and CONTREX will also have its own values.

Foin de Terroir 300X210

Doulière Hay France's automatic line process only tolerates certain formats and a defined quality of fodder. This is a very special selection from producers that meet our criteria. Due to climatic hazards, the harvests of these terroir hay do not always guarantee the quality allowing the application of the process from one year to the other. Also the availability is to check by consulting us to know the state of the stocks.

Their scarcity nevertheless makes hay very appreciated.

Control :
At each stage, from production to storage, are practiced hydrometric controls. The lots that do not meet quality criteria are listed and downgraded. A sampling is carried out on each batch and analyzed by a certified laboratory. These data guarantee the accuracy of your rations.

Nutritional properties :
12 to 16 % protein.

Packaging :
Bale CHC of 50x40x30 cm for 22 kg
Bale CHC of 40x45x50 cm for 32 kg
On palet of 24 to 48 bales, delivery by truck 27 t or contener 40" to 27 tons.

Advantages :

Space savings  and storage by two.

Ease of handling thanks to a small size of 50x40x30 cm for 22 kg or of 40x45x50 cm for 32 kg.

Nutrient preservation guarantee : compression reduces hay oxidation by expelling the air.

Facilité de distribution : 2 à 3kg de foin de terroir brut /jour en 2 repas.Ease of distribution : 2 kg or 3 kg of Terroir hay/day in 2 meals.

Assimilation improvement compacted slices require more bites and more salivation, in favor of a slower digestion

Feeling of grazing recovered.