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hay for broodmares and foals v1

Fodders that provide the best nutritional value required by the high demands of lactating broodmares and growing foals


Hay to the inescapable reputation. it holds a leading position in our forage range, in cutting declination. If a generation of farmers is attached to the tradition of eating this hay, new generations of breeders require a concretisation of the product values […]


OAT HAY, feed mainly used in feeding horses, suited for cattle, sheep and goats : palatable, providing cellulose digestibility and transit regulator, oats contain a large amount of beta-glucan valuable nutrients […]


Alfalfa cultivation is the archetype of the “ecological break” promoted by the Grenelle Environment Forum for its ability to improve the soil (large deep root mass, also making it resistant to drought) and its organic [...]


Just like wine, each region conveys its character and its typicality that will give a flavor and a parfume to each hay, in addition to various mineral and nutritional values of their own. These types of hay are selected from various areas of France reputed for their fattening or milk production properties [...]