Domaine du Grand Estagel 30800 Saint-Gilles – France

Economic and social benefits

This program not only contributes to the cultural heritage and tourism appeal of the region, but also to the viability of its agricultural economy. It creates and maintains jobs:

By offering an increase of 20% to 50% in net income per hectare for standard farms thanks to rising prices and the additional income offered by a double production, and by offering a complete income solution for small farms, we contribute to sustaining agricultural jobs. With our goal of commercializing 4,000 hectares:

  • 4,000 hectares / 50 hectares for an average farm = 80 people that can keep their jobs by making better use of their land.

This activity is compatible with pasturing and creates employment for young breeders who can begin working with minimal investment.

The production of sheep meats stands to be developed as 50% of our mutton and lamb is currently imported. For young breeders that want to settle in the region, the business is viable as leasing summer pasturing is sufficient for feeding the herds, with no need to invest in land. This type of pasturing can also be used for milk or cheese production, giving rise to the production of PDO dairy products.

  • 4,000 hectares can provide pasturing areas for 20 shepherds (200 hectares per flock).

In order to facilitate implementation, these challenges also require the active participation of the pubic authorities, parks and regional associations, and offices responsible for implementing compensation measures for environmental impact.

From fieldwork with local hay producers to consumers, the project represents a chain of shared interests. The final objective is to offer the “best hays” on the market, all while taking into account the economic, social, and ecological interests of all of the actors in this chain.