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High Compression Calibrated Bales or Classic format



Our range of fodders is offered in all classic formats. With our automatic line the only one of its kind in France, we also offer 3 fomats from 90x120x220 cm weighing 500 kg : the cut ball of 90x60x220 cm for 250 kg and two formats of CHC Calibrated High Compression bales.

CHC BALES : High Compression Calibrated Bales

CHC Douliere Hay France bales are calibrated, compressed, palletized and filmed.

Two formats:

CHC bales of 40x45x50 cm weighing 30 or 40 kg

Nano CHC bales of 50x40x30 cm weighing 25 kg

Our different bales formats are bound using polyane string. Palletizing under film or netting.

This new product is delivered to you on a pallet of 24 to 48 bales.

Our products in CHC bales offer consistent quality, are easy to handle and ration both as pallets and as highly compacted bales. The CHC bales offer the possibility of precisely controlling food quantities in order to guarantee food intake.

Our products are guaranteed French origin. The wide array of fodders offers a rich range of nutrition and flavor, which is the strength of our terroir production.


Cuts storage space and transport in half

Eases handling for small sizes from 50x40x30 cm or 40X45X50 cm.

Guarantees nutrient preservation: the compression reduces the oxidation of the hay by removing the air.

Better digestion: the compacted slices require smaller bites and increased salivation, which promotes slower digestive transit.

Ease of distribution: maintained folds in bales for rationed slices.

Grazing sensation maintained for greater enjoyment