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The operating company 1


To better meet the challenges of production, we offer you the services of an operating company that can fully manage the hay operation. The operation is run by specialized companies with trained staff and the latest technological equipment for a quick, high-quality harvest with low environmental impact. In addition to being an attractive solution for creating youth employment in the area, it also frees up time for other activities.

A cost-saving solution for the farmer

The solution of producing fodder using a modern and global approach becomes an important source of additional income for the farmer.

Using the meadows instead of leaving land uncultivated can:

  • Save fertilizer or avoid losing a year of production during the fallow period by taking advantage of meadow production.

  • Offer an additional source of significant income, sometimes superior to that of standard crops.

  • Offer an additional income of 120€ for allowing pasturing.

  • Enjoy income from the sale of a pre-wilted 3rd cut packaged for breeders.

For small areas. Because cultivation areas are constantly being carved up, producers are quickly faced with the small size of their operations, making it difficult to pay off expensive equipment. While prairie farming is far less demanding in terms of equipment needs than a standard production, it's still necessary to have a certain number of powerful tools to ensure optimal working conditions. By entrusting us with your harvests, your production with benefit from the use of proper equipment.

A solution for maintaining our agricultural heritage

Faced with the difficulties of operating a farm themselves or with the risks involved with leaseholds, a family that’s owned agricultural lands for generations has no other alternative than to isolate their capital. We offer a solution:

  • Agreement for the sale of standing grass, linked only to the harvest

  • Security guaranteed by a harvest insurance contract

  • Management of all agricultural operations by a specialized company (operating company)

The family can thus preserve their heritage by making it profitable and offering a source of employment.