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Cattle forage

40830002 - holstein cows in the meadow

The right feed for fattening and milk production


Foin à la réputation incontournable il tient une place leader dans notre gamme fourrage, en déclinaison de coupe. Si une génération d’éleveurs est attachée à la tradition de consommer ce foin, les nouvelles générations d’éleveurs ont besoin de concrétisation des valeurs du produit. Un des rôles de Hay France Company […]


High quality and environmentally friendly, Longchamp Hay ®, an exclusive trademark, is a type of hay grown specifically to meet the food and hygiene needs of demanding customers. Longchamp Hay ® is particularly suitable for horses.The hay is grown according to precise specifications  […]


Comme pour le vin, chaque région transmet son caractère et sa typicité qui vont donner une saveur et un parfum particulier à chaque foin, en plus de valeurs minérales et nutritives différentes qui leurs sont propres [...]


Alfalfa cultivation is the archetype of the “ecological break” promoted by the Grenelle Environment Forum for its ability to improve the soil (large deep root mass, also making it resistant to drought) and its organic [...]


WHEAT AND BARLEY STRAW. Harvesting methods using a traditional threshing machine, conducted partly at night, in the midst of the hot season. These methods keep the straw from breaking and creating dust […]


OAT HAY, feed mainly used in feeding horses, suited for cattle, sheep and goats : palatable, providing cellulose digestibility and transit regulator, oats contain a large amount of beta-glucan valuable nutrients […]