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Participate in a project for our future!

By growing forage, producers have the opportunity to take part in a sustainable development approach while defending the interests and expectations of consumers in terms of quality and food safety. This planned production offers many advantages and provides a new source of income.

To help you meet these goals, participate in our program for producing high quality forage that’s guaranteed by a purchase of harvest agreement.

The purchase agreement engages the producer and the buyer solely on the sale of the existing crop.

It has no impact on the ownership of the property itself, as the agreement is segmented by the various harvest dates.

The owner or producer grows the crop at his own expense according to a set of specifications. He or she provides the necessary fertilizers and irrigation to optimize the harvest. When the crop reaches maturity, according to the calendar established in the set of specifications mentioned above, the crop is harvested at the expense of the buyer. The quality is the responsibility of the buyer alone. The harvest can however be carried out by the producer if he or she possesses the proper equipment and respects the relevant specifications.

After harvesting, the forage is weighed using an approved weighbridge. The weigh ticket serves as proof for creating the removal order signed by both parties. Both are attached to the invoice, which is paid by the buyer 30 days from the end of the month stated on the invoice.

This agreement also serves as support for farmers that wish to begin the process of certification, such as the Product Conformity Certification, "Agriculture Raisonnée”, "la Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE),” the terms of which establish safety rules from production to consumer.

With you, in partnership with Professional Agricultural Organizations, DOULIERE HAY FRANCE, the program plays a part in actions to support the regional economy, strengthening local identity. It is an excellent vehicle for raising awareness and mutual support among professionals of this sector. It will enable farmers and land owners to take on new challenges in the face of market organization reforms, consumer demands, and public opinion, and remain key actors in the field of rural and sustainable development.

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An opportunity for the sector

For monocultures, prairie exploitation provides an alternative to fallow, which depends solely on assistance from the CAP as a source of income, and requires much preparation to return the land to cultivation.

For small operations, hay crops generate higher payoff than wheat thanks to the management of agricultural operations, commercialization, and the 120€ for pasturing, all without investment or labor.

An entire region, like the Crau, can thus maintain its production levels.

For mid-sized farms, moving to or maintaining prairie farming for the sale of fodder can only benefit from our added-value and marketing support. Indeed, by finding new markets, we will increase demand and directly contribute to the reputation of the entire sector’s production.

Thus, whether or not a local producer works with us and benefits from our processing plant and commercial channels, he or she will directly benefit from our business.