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With its solid reputation, Crau hay holds a leading position in our range of fodder packaged in CHC bales, offered in different sizes. If a generation of breeders is attached to the tradition of consuming this hay, the new generation of breeders needs to understand the value of the product. One of the roles of[…]


High quality and environmentally friendly, Longchamp Hay ®, an exclusive trademark, is a type of hay grown specifically to meet the food and hygiene needs of demanding customers. Longchamp Hay ® is particularly suitable for horses. […]


Timothy grass, native to Japan’s Hokkaido region, was involuntarily introduced to North America by the first settlers. A farmer named Timothy Hanson introduced it to the southern United States in the early 18th century and began promoting its cultivation as hay around 1720.[…]


Just like wine, each region conveys its character and its typicality that will give a flavor and a parfume to each hay, in addition to various mineral and nutritional values of their own. These types of hay are selected from various areas of France reputed for their fattening or milk production properties[...]


Alfalfa farming is the archetype of the "ecological pause" promoted by the Grenelle Environmental Forum for its ability to improve the soil (large and deep root mass, making it resistant to drought) and its contribution [...]



WHEAT AND BARLEY STRAW. Harvesting methods using a traditional threshing machine, conducted partly at night, in the midst of the hot season. These methods keep the straw from breaking and creating dust […]


OAT HAY, feed mainly used in feeding horses, suited for cattle, sheep and goats : palatable, providing cellulose digestibility and transit regulator, oats contain a large amount of beta-glucan valuable nutrients[…]


The production of compressed straw blocks for bioconstruction is customized according to demand. The press can be adjusted to produce bales that are 29 cm thick, 60 cm long, and 45 cm high. This format reduces the thickness of a wall by 16 cm[…]